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Etymotic ER.4 microPro Earphones

Etymotic ER.4 microPro Earphones

HK$2,220.00 Regular Price
HK$1,800.00Sale Price
Etymotic invented noise-isolating, in-ear earphones. Etymotic's original insert earphone design, developed for auditory research and medical diagnostics, used balanced armature receivers and established these speakers as the gold standard for high-definition, in-ear earphones.
  • Details

    Backed by decades of research and development for the ear

    World leader in sound reproduction
    Unsurpassed frequency response accuracy and sound quality — 86%+ response accuracy from 20 Hz – 16 kHz
    The only earphones with Accu•Driver™ balanced-armature, precision-matched, custom-tuned drivers
    Highest output sensitivity in its class
    Timeless style and fit
    Professional quality and reliability
    An assortment of noise-isolating ACCU•Fit™ eartip options to ensure proper seal and comfort
    CUSTOM•FIT option available
    Highest noise isolation
    First earphones to completely seal the ear
    98% (35 dB - 42 dB) noise isolation —highest of any earphones or headsets on the market today
    Reduction of outside noise reduces the risk of listening at unsafe levels
    Best durability and warranty
    2-year replacement warranty
    Braid-reinforced cable for extremely low microphonic effect
    ACCU•Filter™ user-replaceable filters protect the balanced-amature drivers from ear wax
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